2021 Lazy Days Campsites Rules
Thank you for Camping with us and welcome!


Registered Owners are held responsible for all guests and visitors, Adults & youths.

It is your responsibility to make them aware of our rules and have them abide by them.

Obnoxious, unruly, Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and result in removal from property.
All social activities and events must have prior request and approval from Management.
Do not Cross another camper’s lot use the roads please. If you do not have room for parking on your lot your guests will need to park at the entrance. Parking on your neighbor’s lot is not allowed even if you ask permission.

NO SUBLEASING One family per Camper.
Campers must register visitors on initial visit via text or phone call.
Short term Visitors at no charge but must sign in.
Visitor’s may be charged $5 on event days or if using amenities. 



Speed Limit 5 M.P.H if you can’t walk next to the vehicle you are going TOO FAST!
N.Y. State law Requires all ATV’s & to be registered & insured and USDOT Helmet be worn by all riders.
N.Y. State law(Sec.1238(5)) requires all minors under 14 to wear a helmet while riding bicycles.
Golf carts and Side x Side must have liability insurance.

NO LIFEGUARD on duty N.Y. State level 4 supervision

(two adults on pool deck required for minors under 17) Pool form must be signed every year by a responsible person. Minors must be at their campsite or accompanied by an Adult after sunset. Trails and woods are not maintained use at your own risk.
Please have someone call us at (518-236-7287) after calling emergency services so we can direct them to your site promptly or have someone wait for them by the office. Don’t assume they know where you are.

Please report any suspicious activities, emergencies or water issues immediately
24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call 518-236-7287 courtesy phone available at pavilion. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated Thank you.


all pets must be registered Cats must remain indoors or walked on a leash. Dogs must be on a leash always.

Large Aggressive breeds pure or mixed are prohibited. (Shepard, Pit Bull, Akita, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.) Any Dog showing Aggressiveness towards people or other animals will not be accepted. No pets allowed in lodge, pool area, playground. you must clean up after your Dog even on your lot. Excessive Barking will require Dog to be removed from property, Dog Kennels or Runners are not permitted.



Curfew is 10pm weekdays and 11pm Fri-Sat except  for special events.
Music and noise in general must not disturb your neighbors at any time.
You may congregate after hours if no one is disturbed in the surrounding area.
Only Electric golf carts don't have time restrictions, lights must be on at night.

Gas carts must be late model and Fuel injected. excessively noisy carts will not be allowed.
No joyriding of ATV’s thru the populated areas. Aftermarket exhausts are not permitted.

     ATV’s are not to be used as a mode of transportacon in the park, they can be used in the trails and from lot to trail area. from 9am to 9pm



Maximum fire wood storage per lot is one Face Cord. (4’H x 8’W 12-16” deep)
All firewood must be untreated, unpainted. WE SELL FIREWOOD ($40 a face cord)
You may bring your own firewood if sourced from local Area.
Pallet wood is acceptable if broken down off premises, Cut and Nails removed DO NOT BRING WHOLE PALLETS on property or burn anything other than FIREWOOD.
Do not dispose of dinner plates or any food items in fire pits it attracts Skunks!
NO Plastics or trash in fire pits use Dumpsters and recycle as much as possible.
Fireplaces, fire rings etc. must be pre-approved by management.
Concrete Blocks are not allowed.


It is your responsibility to maintain your lot and RV.
All RV’s, Sheds, Additions, paint, vinyl siding Roofs etc. must be keep in clean good condition. Free of dirt, Mildew. NO bare OSB, plywood etc. surfaces must be painted, stained preferably vinyl sided.
Toys, Bikes, clutter etc. ALL items must be put away neatly preferably stored in a shed.
Sheds must be pre-approved and in good condicon made of metal or vinyl. (max 1 per site)
Any addition to lots i.e. decks, sheds, gazebo etc. must be pre-approved by management.
NO Smoking in or around common buildings, Bathrooms, pool deck, playground or pavilion.
PLEASE dispose of cigarette butts in the dispensers provided.
Seasonal RV sites are rented as-is basis all modificacons and improvements must be pre-approved by Management.



Picnic tables and fire rings are not provided on seasonal lots.
Push mower and weed eater available for use at no charge.

we will cut  the grass for you but we are not responsible for damages. lots must have minimal restrictions.
$35 will be charged and added to your account for clean up if we need to do it for you.
If we incur additional disposal fees for (TV, tires, Refrigerator, etc.) they will be added to your account.



Step 1. Notify management of sale intensions.
Step 2. Camper must be in excellent condition and sale pre-approved by management.
Step 3. Prospective New Owner must meet with management and register if intending on staying at lazy days.

All fees must be paid in full prior to sale.
Campers with enclosed Additions and or roof overs Must be Paid a Full year in Advance in addition to current year .

due to the Time and expense to remove them in the event they are abandoned.

Non-qualifying campers must be removed from property along with additions and all personal property.



Seasonal Lot rent is due by May 1st if not paid in full a $25 finance charge will be added to the balance.
Electric meters will be read on or about  July 15th and October 1st It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their electric consumption and notify management immediately if they feel the meter is not reading correctly. Any kind of electrical work in our power boxes is strictly prohibited.
As a courtesy Lazy Days allows RV’s to remain on the lot at no charge thru the winter provided a $250 deposit is made by October 1st for the following season. If not RV’s must be removed from property by October 1st or moved to the storage area. in the event an RV is left on the property with no deposit Lazy Days reserves the right to move the RV to our storage area $30 monthly storage fee and a $200 move fee will apply.

Current Campers may enter the property in the off-season if conditions permit by Notifying management in advance.

Phone (518-236-7287)  email (Jasonlafond@mac.com) text (954-605-4388)

LAZY DAYS CAMPSITES reserve the right to remove any RV from a site if the seasonal fee has not been paid in full by June 30th (Unless other payment arrangements have been made) additional fees will apply $200 to move the camper, $30 a month storage fee and $25 a month finance charge until paid in full.
Lazy Days Campsites will notify by mail at address provided 30 days prior to removing the RV  After 30days the RV will be scrapped or sold along with all personal property on the lot to cover loss revenues. In the event the property is sold for more than what is owed to Lazy Days.

The excess will be returned to the defaulted property Owner.

Rules and Fees are subject to change at any time

By making a Payment you agree to follow the rules of Lazy Days Campsites


111 Lazy Days Ln Mooers Forks NY 12959
(518) 236-7287    lazydaysny.com    Jasonlafond@mac.com